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Renewal of June 24, 2010

Esthetic Spa That it can receive at a 得な price
Is it the real thrill of the Asia travel?

Esthetic & Spa Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
It is the esthetic of a tie formula and an India style as well as Vietnam style esthetic.
ます with も
Esthetic store information


It is the most popular store to Japanese people.
With a moonlight package
85 dollars.
It begins from a ginger & hot bus.
Green bean hot therapy
the foot treatment (a leg is wat ball ) by the herb
Traditional herb & flower bus (it is a flower bath.) It is graceful.
After relaxing by warming massage,
It is a tropical drink and is a breath.

With an away king package
Anti stress facial and a warm stone massage stick.
a pick-up option -- it is -- it is .

Qi Shiseido Spa
The facial massage of the Shiseido direct management can be received.
There is also a shampoo style and it is [ a body massage and ] 。.


Paloma SPA
It is located in the north side from the town central part.
Since it is in the alley which extended far back, an operation can be undergone calmly.
There are also many Europeans-and-Americans users.
A mad massage is reccomented.

Aromatherapy facial 20 dollars (50 minutes)
Whitening facial 40 dollars (80 minutes)
Stress alleviation facial 25 dollars (75 minutes)

Body massage
Aromatherapy Lemon grass Ginger oil massage etc.
90 minutes - 120 minutes It can receive from 20 dollars.

Body scrab Body lap

Back Seaweed (Seaweed or deadsea mud body mask) can receive for 20 dollars for 60 minutes.

There are also slimming and a herb ball.

There is also foot reflecthorogy solo G as a treatment of hand and foot.
10 dollars 60 minutes

There is also a manicure pedicure and it is 。.
Nail art French manicure paraffine coating treatment
Those with も.
Wax Various あり -, such as the bottom of the side, and the bikini line upper lip
A makeup and a corlaerr permanent wave are also O.K.
There is also a set course and it is profit.

YKC esthetique & hair SPA
a hair manicure and treatment a scalp -- care A permanent wave and cleansing cream are also their favorite.

Top salon & SPA
There are a tie massage and facial.
There are a tie formula worm stone and MahLER.

Dep Mai
It is popular also here to Japanese people.
facial A beauty course is popular.

VY Hair design SPA & Body Care
It is said that waxing is its favorite.

The Vietnam sightseeing information

The Vietnam sightseeing information
The Vietnam sightseeing information

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