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Renewal of June 24, 2010
A cong an Ho Chi Minh City newspaper, a an nihn newspaper
A tuoi tre newspaper, the Vietnam Times newspaper

I introduce the good-place-known-to-few-people sightseeing spot by the living Japanese in Vietnam!

It is a rise about the newest information!

Vietnam shopping information

What thing [ shopping in Vietnam, and ] are there?

ao dai? race clothes.

Food sweets.

A bag and shoes.


The zippo writer of the Vietnam War time.

Young people's association shirts of Vietnam.

The army cap of Vietnam.

Military goods.

Silver accesary and being [ it ] kana.

Non umbrella.

Can he buy a personal computer, MP3, and electric appliances?

Digital camera.
An old curio camera and existing ?

Seemingly, old hand volume rolex will be cheap.

rally by which the Japanese-made silver watch is stocked.

He buys a motorbike and it can bring back to Japan.
Although there is an old vietnam spa.

The Vietnam sightseeing information

The Vietnam sightseeing information
The Vietnam sightseeing information

  • Updating schedule
  • Potential capability of Vietnam.
  • Access to Vietnam.
  • Vietnam aviation.
  • Safety measures in Vietnam.
  • Meal in Vietnam
  • Life in Vietnam
  • Work in Vietnam
  • Change-of-occupation tropical disease in Vietnam
  • Comparison with a tie
  • Comparison with Laos
  • Comparison with Cambodia
  • Comparison with China
  • Comparison with South Korea
  • Comparison with Russia
  • Comparison with Malaysia
  • Comparison with Indonesia
  • Comparison with Singapore
  • Vietnam 越僑
  • People from Vietnam of an overseas
  • International marriage with the people from Vietnam
  • Dwelling in Vietnam
  • It is Vietnam and is a flower.
  • Real estate in Vietnam
  • Office in Vietnam
  • テト is celebrated in Vietnam.
  • It is Vietnam and is a notebook PC.
  • It is shopping s in Vietnam.